January 2001

Dr Streeter from Elkhart IN suggested I start with this on January 24, 2001.

AST (anionic surfactant therapy). An IV treatmentadministered three times per week. Each IV contained 4cc of magnesium, vitamin B’s 5 & 6, 2cc of palavering, vitamin C, Edta and HCL

Wobenenzyme: 3 tabs am, 2 tabs noon, 3 tabs pm

Absorb Aid: ½-1 tsp 3 times a day (for indigestion)

Gods Herbs (a detox kit) 2 times a day

NK Stim: 3 caps am, 3 caps noon, 3 caps pm

CoQ10 100mg: 1 tab 3 times per day

Vitamin E 400mg: 1 cap 3 times per day

Silymarin 2x-300mg (milk thistle extract): 2 tabs am, 1 tab noon, 2 tabs pm

Blood type A diet with an alkaline diet (reference the book: Eating Right 4 Your Type by Dr Peter J D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney. The website is www.penguinputnam.com)

2 ½ quarts of water (used alkaline water via the alkalizer water machine). Dr Streeter was very supportive drinking this water

3 (8oz) glasses of carrot juice with 1 tbsp of Barley Green each glass of juice

Beta Carrotine 100,000 units daily

Coffee enemas: 1-2 times per day (1c organic coffee and 1c water)

10,000 gauge magnet: 12 hours on and 12 hours off (the dr suggested this I bought the magnet but I never did this)

Beta Shield 500mg 1 tab 3 times a day

Vitamin C 1000mg: 2 tabs am and 2 tabs pm

Stop the Premarin (a chemical base hormone) and
start: Progesterone 200mg/cc, Esteriol 5mg/cc, Testosterone 2.5mg (made up into a cream and take 1-1 1/2cc twice a day. This was all a compound made up at the Portage Pharmacy. All natural ingredients with the base from Soy. The Premarin is known to increase the risk of cancer. Had been taking this since the hysterectomy four years ago.

MSM: 2 tabs am and 2 tabs pm

O2 drops

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