June 2001

•Finish God’s Herbs

•IV treatment of AST and Plaquex
•Digestive Enzyme

•Coffee enema’s: one time every other day (it was 1-2 per day)

•Beta-Carrotene: take 50,000 per day (was taking 100,000 per day)

•Beta Shield: take one tablet per day (was taking 3 tabs per day)

•Carrot Juice: 2 8oz glasses of juice with 1 ½ tbsp of barley green per glass (had been drinking 3 glasses) keep taking the same amount of barley green

•NKStim: six caps daily (was taking nine caps daily)

•Penta Water: one bottle per day (I had mentioned to the dr that sometimes I had a hard time drinking all the water in a day. This water hydrates rapidly)

•Alpha Base: 2 caps am, 2 caps noon, 2 caps pm

•Moducare: (after decreasing the Beta Shield) one cap 3 times per day

•Newton: #1-Six drops 2 times daily, #9-six drops in the am, #29-six drops 3 times per day.  All of the drops being placed under the tongue or on top of the tongue (absorbs into the blood stream quickly)

•C-Statin: three caps am, 3 caps noon, 3 caps pm (Dr Streeter recommended the none caps for one month then 3 caps 3 times per day). I took the none caps per day for four months.

Rife Machine (wellness energy machine) #194 every 3 days For information read the book: The Cancer Cure That Worked written by Barry Lynes

We are grateful that the Lord has used a combination of treatments to bring about healing.  Prayer is the foundation of all the treatment.  Also, considerable amounts of supplements continue to be taken several times a day along with reducing stress and living a healthier live style when it comes to exercise and food choices and setting realistic expectations and boundaries that create a more balanced life all contribute to no return of cancer.

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