TUESDAY – OCT 6, 2009

Here’s a another quick update (these 4:30 AM emails need to stop).

Wednesday, September 30 – Saturday, Oct 3rd.
Bonnie was in the hospital, as Juno and McKenzie were in Michigan visiting his dad.  Bonnie received a total of 4 additional units of blood.  They ran several tests.  Nothing was definitive on the reason for bleeding. 
Oct 1 – 4th – Juno and McKenzie returned from visiting Juno’s Dad.  Juno, with he help of his nephews did about 7 hours of work in the gardens.  McKenzie visited her very good friend Hanna and obviously sat with, cried with and prayed for PAPA.  McKenzie was satisfied hearing that Papa believes in Jesus, she wanted to know if he was a believer in Jesus.  So the morning we left Juno had a conversation with Papa, in front of McKenzie, that Papa, loved Jesus with his heart.  McKenzie felt MUCH better that this would not be the last time she would see Papa.

Monday, October 5th.
Early in the day, Juno made appointment for Bonnie to see a new doctor (to try to figure out the bleeding) on Tuesday afternoon. 

Bonnie had a very rough day.  Not feeling well, not keeping down fluids, weak, etc… Her Naturopathic doctor made a house call at 7:30 PM and administered IV’s.  Bonnie improved enough that we did not need to take her to ER.  It appears she will need either additional blood or hospitalized in the next day or two.

Bonnie’s mom is still in town and we decided (thanks to a suggestion of Bonnie’s sister) to have mom stay around for another couple of weeks (just in case Juno needs to fly back).  Mom is a huge help with Bonnie during the day.  Well let’s be honest Juno likes not having to do laundry :).  Now if he can get Mom to scalp the lawn and plant winter grass seed – life would be good :).

Juno has conversation with McKenzie about Papa’s health and suffering.  Juno’s Dad’s health continues to digress. 

Tuesday, October 6th
About 1:30 AM (Michigan’s time), Juno’s Dad meets Jesus face to face (aka he passed away).  We are thankful that his pain and suffering is done.  He was 84 years old.

My (Juno) plans to return to Michigan to officiate the funeral service are all dependant on what we hear at the doctor’s office today about 2:00.  If travel arrangements can be made for other family members to get into town, it appears the service will be on Friday, at the Michigan Memorial Gardens.  We know that Bonnie will not be making the trip.  We’re not sure about McKenzie going either, that conversation has yet to occur.

For us as a family the primary concern and priority remains with Bonnie.  We (the doctors) have got to determine what is causing this bleeding.  So your prayers that the doctors can figure things out are most appreciative.  Be praying that Juno will be appropriately assertive with the doctor’s/hospitals or whoever to get some answers…and to get the answers sooner verses later!

We are thankful for good conversations with Papa –

Grateful for the gift of life…the encouragement of friends…for people gifted in so many different ways…for the reminder of the gift of the life and the reality that life on this earth is a vapor compared to eternity.  There are so many things we all worry about and spend energy on…but as someone once said, “In light of Eternity, what difference does it make?”

May your day be filled with making an eternal difference.

Thanks for making a difference in our lives…

Juno, Bonnie and McKenzie


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