OCTOBER 13, 2009

Last night, I had the following conversation with McKenzie about Bonnie….
The procedure did not go as we would have hoped, and the doctors will give us more options tomorrow (Tuesday).  What we do know is that Mom won’t be with us as long as we would like.
As you could imagine there were plenty of tears here last night (I should have called my broker to invest in Kleenex).  The Lord provided the right people here to comfort McKenzie.  One of McKenzie’s good friends spent the night…so right now they thought ‘going out to breakfast’ is what they needed (Bonnie’s taught her well).  My good friends Jack Daniels and Jim Beam also spent the night…(OK that really is a joke).  From my heart I hope you need to know that I feel incredibly blessed by the friendships God has provided for me (us) (maybe God knew I’d need a lot of help for this part of the journey).

Today, I’ll be talking more with Bonnie, the doctors and Hospice.  We will be able to share more details in the next few days.  Until then be praying for a miracle and for God to provide strength and peace.

No doubt when the road of life gets bumpy (in MI those are called the potholes of life) it is important that we lean on the friends God has blessed us with and even more importantly dig deep into our our souls for what we belive most. So here’s a new song that speaks to my heart, and gives me Hope….  May you also be blessed as you listen to it. Click here to listen (be patient with the DJ’s intro).

Thanks for your love and continued prayers,
Juno, Bonnie and McKenzie

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