OCTOBER 17, 2009

It’s hard to believe it’s Saturday…the days seem to run together.  Thanks for your patience as you await another email.  Here are our updates:
  • The stent and pug tube were put in place on Thursday.  This means Bonnie was able to have the NG tube (the one that was going down the nose and into the stomach) removed.
  • Bonnie’s diet (from this moment on) will consist of nutritional drinks and soft foods.  Birthday dinner’s will take on a new meaning.
  • Thursday evening was a rough night for Bonnie. Her temp spiked at 104 so they were wondering what’s up with that.
  • A decease control specialist was in Friday to determine if Bonnie had some kind of infection.  While Bonnie has no high temperature on Friday, they put her on some kind of antibiotic.
  • It’s evident that jaundice has set in again since the procedure on Thursday.
  • Bonnie is still working out the anesthesia from Thursday’s procedure.
  • She weighs about 80 lbs (being thin is over rated).
  • Bonnie’s sister, Diane, has returned to MI.
  • Bonnie’s two brothers and sister-in-law arrived on Thursday (and our two year old niece).
  • Bonnie’s mom is still here and rather than keep changing her return flight we just made it an open ended return.
The plans as of today….
After another visit this morning, I’ll give the go ahead for Bonnie to be moved to a Hospice in patient care facility near our home.  It’s called the Dobson House..  Not sure when the actual move will occur, but I’ll at least give the OK.  I did take Bonnie’s sister through it for a tour, and did drive McKenzie past it last night so she could see how close it was to our home (10 minutes).
The Dobson house has 24 hour visitation, and has a homey feel to it.  They also provide 24/7 care for Bonnie, which is important at this time.  It really is the best place for Bonnie.  As Bonnie’s strength improves, we will then be able to bring Bonnie home.  As many of you know, Hospice also provides a visiting nurse if there is that need.
Once Bonnie gets settled in some friends will see that someone can come over to do Bonnie’s hair.  When McKenzie heard that she said, “I can do mom’s hair, I know just how she likes it!” So when the transition happens, McKenzie will love on mom and do her hair ‘the right way.”
Today, McKenzie swim team is in State Finals.  Yesterday McKenzie qualified in both of her events, the 200 and the 500.  So this afternoon I’ll be at the meet cheering her on.
Many thanks for your prayers, offers for rooms for guests to stay in, offers for some buddy passes for flights, for the food coming in, for someone who winter seeded our lawn. 
Also while I thoroughly enjoy gardening, it was becoming obvious that spending several hours planting flowers was becoming less of a priority.  So thanks to the garden angels who came over and got the flower beds transitioned over.  They look wonderful  In fact last night a friend and I were outside about 10:30 by the fire pit and when we came in had noticed that McKenzie (out of habit) locked the patio door.  McKenzie didn’t pick up her phone (interesting that when she’s texting her friends it never leaves her side, but when she ‘accidentally’ locks dad outside everything goes to voice mail).  Anyway after getting her attention (by waving, jumping and yelling at the upstairs window – for which some probably thought I was relieving stress), she came down with a guilty grin and let us in.Bonnie is always collecting poems, quotes, songs, other peoples stories, that she would use as she shared with people about her own story.  She would say, one of the songs that she would use would be this one (click here).  While the song has been around awhile (some would call it Timeless), it reflects her journey and her heart.  Bonnie’s birthday is Thursday.  No clue as to how that will look, but very thankful that a year ago we celebrated 50 years of her life.

Thanks for your love and continued prayers,
Juno, Bonnie and McKenziePS:  For those who would like to sign up for meals  – click here

PSS:  Thanks for understanding that every email, while DEEPLY appreciated, probably won’t be responded to personally…


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