OCTOBER 27, 2009

What a big difference in Bonnie’s health in the last week (it’s amazing what happens when people get off morphine).  Here are the updates:

  • Bonnie celebrated her 51st birthday this past Thursday (sorry its been so long between updates).  While some people don’t like getting old, at this phase in life we consider ‘getting older’ a gift from God.  She had a great day with lots of cards and flowers.  Thanks for all your cards and expressions of love (I’m assuming its not expected I’ll send a thank you note for each of the cared:)). 
  • God has answered several prayers this week:
    • There have been hours of conversations with Bonnie
    • Bonnie made it to her 51st birthday
    • Bonnie has been able to make several phone calls to some family members…
    • The vending machine at Hospice has Red Vines in it :)
  • Bonnie has progressed fairly well over the week.  When the Hospice Doctor examined her at the end of last week she was astounded to see such noticeable improvement in just three days.
  • Continue to pray for strength and for a smooth withdraw from the narcotics that they have been given Bonnie for pain…she really is experiencing very little pain (except for my dry jokes).  I’m still very perplexed as to why the hospital ignored our request numerous times to stop using morphine.  No doubt that situation will need to be addressed at another time.
  • McKenzie was elected at the Jr. Representative for Homecoming…needless to say we are all very proud of her.  From a dad’s perspective I must say she looked beautiful!
  • Bonnie and McKenzie would love to see Phantom of the Opera here at ASU this coming month (and mom if she is still in town).  Pray that Bonnie is well enough to both attend and enjoy, this performance.  McKenzie and Bonnie have watched it numerous times on DVD and to see it ‘live’ would be another great memory.

Over the past week a couple of weeks some very good friends (people I have known for 20 & 25 years) have flown in from MI.  Just having them here and simply being together with nothing in particular ‘to do’ has been refreshing and refueling for me personally.  While it’s tempting to ‘keep busy’ with projects (oh we got a few done – trust me), just ‘being together’ has been medicine for my soul.  It reminds me of the need for me and really for each of us, to be simply in God’s presence…no agenda, not having a ‘to do’ list for God, not trying to be ‘productive’ with my time with God, but simple to “Be with God’ and allow God to speak to my heart…It just doesn’t ‘happen’ but I need to be intentional to continue to create space for God in the midst of this journey.This morning as I was making the bed (now I’m not sure why I make the bed if Bonnie’s not around to see it messy, but anyway, a particular song kept running around in my mind, so I thought I’d share it with you….  click here.


Encouraged by your continued prayers and love,
Juno, Bonnie and McKenzie

PS:  For those who would like to sign up for meals  – click here


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