NOVEMBER 1, 2009

I’m sitting here at Hospice (The Dobson House) less than 15 minutes from our home.  I keep forgetting they have wireless internet access here…but am glad I just remembered so I can send off on update to you.  Here are the highlights….

Friday (October 30th)
I drove Bonnie the three miles, from Hospice (The Dobson House) to the hospital.  Besides trying to find a wheel chair at the hospital (go figure) the check-in went well.

The procedure also went well, without any surprises – we are thankful for that.  They drained 2.5 litters of fluid from Bonnie’s abdomen, and by 12:30 we were back to The Dobson House.  We also visited with the doctor here (Dobson House) who remains confident that Bonnie will probably be able to go soon.  They suggested Sat, I countered with Monday after a reassessment to see what was best for Bonnie.   Monday we will evaluate the situation better.  Bonnie rested (slept) the remainder of the day.

We made preliminary arrangements for the hospital bed, wheel chair, walker etc., to be delivered on Monday.  I’m not sure why I get “The look” when I asked for a 32in flat screen TV set too?

Saturday (October 31)
Bonnie rested most of the day. Still slightly confused and having difficulty with details.  She is not in pain and not on any narcotics.  She needs to eat more.  Her diet is soft food and nutritional drinks, but for sveral days has had nothing.  So pray she’s able to consume more.

Sunday (November 1, 2009)
Another difficult day and a sad day.  It’s one of those  – one step forward, four steps back, or maybe 5 steps back.  I seriously doubt Bonnie will be coming home tomorrow.   Hey I’ve been wrong before…21 years ago I wanted to date just a brunette.  But then again that was 21 years ago :).  Bonnie is awake for just a few moments and then falls back to sleep, somewhat confused – but she still loves me so I know she is still thinking clearly :).  Besides removing the fluid from her abdomen, it’s been a challenging 5 days.

On the bright side, what a wonderful time of celebration at church this morning (aka church service).  A great reminder when faith intersects death.  Three of our members are in Hospice (maybe its something in the communion cup)…. Allan, senior pastor,  mentioned the three people, one obviously being Bonnie, and the entire message was anchored from the meaning of this song and the profound promises found in the Bible.   Click here to listen.  To listen to the message, click on our website (bottom right of this email).

McKenzie is off on an field trip overnight so before she left this morning Grandma brought her over to see Bonnie about 8:30 this morning.  McKenzie drove…she says she gets there faster verses grandma driving!

Thankful that the sacrifice of Jesus has beaten death and has provided victory over the grave.

Juno, Bonnie and McKenzie

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