NOVEMBER 4, 2009 – Bonnie travels home to the Lord

As some of you already know, Bonnie went to be with the Lord on Wednesday (the 4th) about 9:30 PM.

For most of the day Bonnie was sleeping.  She would open her eyes occasionally and would appear to recognize visitors coming into the room.  Also, click here if you want to read what McKenzie shared with people at the benefit concert in which she honored Bonnie.

Along with other signs that her body was shutting down, Bonnie’s breathing throughout the day was getting more difficult.  In the evening, the nurses had given her some medication to make her a little more comfortable.  Some friends were visiting and I just felt I wanted a few moments with Bonnie by myself so I asked to be alone with her.

I had brought Bonnie’s Bible with me today so I just opened it and read some passages.  One passage was from Proverbs 31 (this was also a song at our wedding) where the chapter’s focus is on being a Nobel women.  Well verse 15 says, “You get up while it is still dark, to serve everyone.”  I said “not you babe!”. If you knew Bonnie you would know that being a morning person was not how God wired her.  Nonetheless she was a women filled with love and Grace.

I read more from the Bible to Bonnie.  Prayed again the passages…

Have you not know, have you not heard….

Be anxious for nothing ….  and asked her not to be anxious for McKenzie or me.  That God would take care of us.  I reminded her of the many many peoples lives she impacted and just began naming people who have emailed or written.

I sang to her How Great thou Art and the song I sang to her at our wedding (WOW I still remembered the words).  Believe it or not, in the middle of our wedding song she passed away.  As I was singing I could see her slipping away.  I’m thinking (as I’m singing) I can’t believe she’s passing away while I sing…I hope my singing didn’t push her into eternity :)).  Through my tears I could tell she had gone to be with Jesus, but I finished the song and then sang another one of her favorite hymns that reminder her of God’s faithfulness…click here for a version of that classic hymn of the faith.

So many of our friends from out of state are at a loss for what to do. I know you want to help you want to be here yet realistically its out of the question.  May you also be comforted knowing that God has provided an incredible faith family and some wonderful friends who are indeed being the body of Christ to us during this difficult time.  Despite the loss we are experiencing, I feel loved and cared for and beyond expectations…

May you experience God’s faithfulness in a deep personal way today,


Juno, McKenzie and in honor of Bonnie.  An incredible wife, mom, friend and follower of JesusPS:  I will let you know ASAP about arrangements for the memorial services.  Currently we plan on having two.  One at Mountain Park Community Church and the other at Third Reformed Church in Kalamazoo (yes there is a Kalamazoo) MI.
Even as I write this McKenzie just came outside with me [it’s 1 am] and we just sat on the love seat, cried a little more, and talked about some of the memories of mom.

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