Life without a mom…By Mckenzie Nov 16 11:00

Life without a mom: basically the only word i can think of is: HORRIBLE

although i still have my wonderful dad and all my family members and friends to take care of me i still wish she was here to help me out with problems and such.

i got a letter in the mail today from my dear aunt peggy she wrote in it: ” When ever you have a problem just think ‘WHAT WOULD MOM DO’.” wow that totally helps actually. i think i need a new braclet that says WWMD instead of WWJD.

it been a rough few days but me and dad are doing AY-OK together. I’m excited to get out of arizona and be in michigan with all my family. my homework status is through the roof. :( its gonna take a lotta time! but im glad teachers are being understanding. I still feel like my mom is here with us. like im just waiting for her to come home from shopping or go upstairs and see her putting on her makeup or doing her hair or go downstairs and see her laying on the couch watching her favorite tv shows. Life deffinitly is going to be different now im gonna have to start being more responsible instead of relying on her so much. Sophie (the dog) is gonna be bored all day while im at school and dads at work, (BTW our poor dog whose curled up on my lap right now has been in a state of depression for the past week :( pray for her too!)

mean while we have some good things to be happy about:

-My dad is finally considering buying a vehical for me.

-Shopping has become my new form of therapy (and might i add, is helping) *wink wink* just kidding           p.s dad is also going to have to learn to be more appreciative of the latest fashions and be willing to see all my new clothes i buy and at least pretend he knows weather or not something is really cute! ha ha

-Gods provided me and dad with lots of really great friends!

anyways its late now so i better get some sleep!

i thank you all for continuing to be supportive and praying for us! it meens alot!

peace and love : mckenzie

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