3 Years into the journey…

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Bonnie entered heaven.  Some times it feels like just yesterday, other times it seems long ago.  Obviously the three years have been different without Bonnie, and we all miss her.  While our life has been different it doesn’t mean life is not good or that there have not been good times in the midst of our grief.  One thing for certain is that God’s faithfulness remains consistent – and to that we are thankful.  Three years ago, when McKenzie asked “Dad what are we going to do?”, I remember saying ‘take one day at at time’. So we take things one day at a time, one event at a time.  Making new memories while remembering the blessing of Bonnie and relaying on the hope we share in Jesus. The songs on the left side of this page have been great to listen to once again.

Sunday, McKenzie and I spent the day together (it was different sleeping in on a Sunday for me), had breakfast (out), did a little shopping, ate dinner out (OK so my cooking still needs help), in the evening we sent up Chinese lantern in memory of her at the cross at my church (MPCC).  As the lantern’s floated away I shared one of Bonnie’s favorite verses from the Bible, Isaiah 40:28-31 and a prayer of thanks for Bonnie and the blessing of life.  Then we all shared some great cookies in memory of Bonnie’s sweet tooth :).   Later that night, we even spent some time around the fire pit at night.
McKenzie had a eight page paper due on grieving for one of her classes so she spent most of her day writing that paper.
We remain grateful for each other and for God’s presence in all times.  Thank you for your continued love and concern.

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