Bonnie’s Journal, Summer 2009 (upon cancer returning the 4th time)

May 2009

First consultation with Dr. Huber:

The first thing she said was the cancer is a progesterone driven cancer and she wanted to know why I was taking the hormone cream that has progesterone in it.  I am decreasing the use of it and then will be completely off of it.  She advised IV treatments for 6-8 months, 3 times a week.


First IV treatment – went very well.  Muscle tested for the C-statin I II and Immukine.  Tested low on the C I and II; good on Immukine, which is a probiotic.  When I asked her about the Ortho Biotic and Immukine the Ortho Biotic is much better because it has 7 different things in it and Immerkine only has one.  So that is great because it eliminates 3 products.  Although I am on 4 different products from Dr. Huber’s office, one replacing the vit A.

6-4-09, Thurs

It’s been almost 4 months ago that I went from walking 45 minutes a day and feeling great and having everything “normal” to being flat on my back and trying to regain strength ever since.

Today is my 2nd IV treatment.  Tuesday’s treatment went very well.  I also had an iron shot.  Yesterday I felt much better and stronger.  My voice has been staying stronger. My blood count on Tuesday was 11, which is very encouraging.  When I left the hospital 9 days ago it was at 10.  When I went into the hospital it was at 5.  My itching is so much better.  Taking 2 Benedryl during the day and 2 at night.  Before, I was taking 2 every 4 hours and at 3 hours I could hardly wait for 1 more hour.  Carol T said that itching is a type of pain.

I have been laying in the sun and in the pool last week.  The sun has felt so good on my skin and it also feels good to have some color. My weight at Dr. Huber’s office was 138.  I have lost so much muscle tone over the last 4 months as well as losing weight.  It feels good to be at this weight, but sometimes I feel like I am too thin.  It probably makes me feel like I am sick.

I told McKenzie last Saturday that I had some cancerous cells on my right side and I would be getting IV’s to get rid of it.  Right away she asked if I would be having chemo and radiation.  When I said “no” she seemed relieved and I am really trying to make life as normal as possible.  She sees me carrot juicing and eating healthy and that’s OK – I hope she embraces living a healthy life style.  McKenzie really does try to eat healthy and is already conscious of making the right choices for food and exercise.

When I go to Dr. Huber’s office I make sure I am going to be “comfy”.  I bring ice water because I get really thirsty with the IV, slippers, sweatshirt, and neck pillow & a snack.

God has been so good!  It seems like everyday I see His glory.  Yesterday Randy and Ellen said they would send $ a month and Ken & Carol Travilla asked us if we wanted their family room sofa.  It’s a small sectional which will be great in our family room.  On Sunday a friend at church gave Juno a check for $ and we received $ from Diane and Richard which helped with the first week of treatments.

6-8-09, Monday

Hanging in there with no sweets.  Met a gentleman while receiving an IV.  He says he buys Beyer ice cream w/o sugar, instead it has Splenda in it.  Diane said that she has gone 5 days w/o sweets to help feel my pain.  I appreciate that so much.

Diane, Richard, Matthew, Josh and Mom are coming for Christmas.  We were all hoping to go on a cruise, but how could we do that when we are asking others to help us financially.  Josh said to Diane and Richard – “that’s OK to not go on a cruise, we will just go out to AZ for Christmas”.  That is so touching that Josh would be OK w/no cruise and want to come here.  There’s not much for him to do here.  I really appreciate his caring and sensitive heart.  McKenzie was so disappointed not to be planning a cruise.  I feel bad about that, but I also told her that when we try to push something to happen we could probably do it but it just wouldn’t be the same w/o God’s complete blessing and have it be the right timing.


I continue to have 1/2 cup of carrot and celery juice with 1/2 cup of water twice a day.  I also do the coffee enemas – 4 cups of water that has gone through the coffee machine, add another 4 cups of cool water.  Do this first to clean out so the coffee can do a better job.  Then brew 2 cups of water w/4 tablespoons of organic coffee, add 1-1 1/2 cup of cool water.  Try to hold for 20 minutes laying on left side to detox the liver.  I can also add a tablespoon of Epson Salt to the 8 cups of water to help with the muscle spasms.


I have lost a lot of weight.  Since 2004 I have lost 25 lbs and since being sick even more.  I wear a size 6 pants and a small or medium shirt.  I have had to replace a lot of clothes.  It feels good to be this thin, but kind of scary when I put on a pair of capris that I had worn just last summer and they could be pulled down w/o unbuttoning them.  I had been walking for almost 2 years for 35-45 minutes a day, which has really helped with weight. I need to use some weights for my arms – the skin is so flabby.  Also, I can’t believe how much muscle tone I have lost in 4 months.  My left knee keeps coming out of joint, so I really need to strengthen those muscles.  I don’t think I had that while I was walking – it must have just been I needed exercises to keep the knee strong.

A couple from MI, sent  McKenzie a WII and the WII fitness.  She is already using it and is enjoying it.  We are so thankful for this gift. Mckenzie is really enjoying playing with it, and it’s also great because it’s great exercise.  McKenzie has also started working for Susan and Meryl Turner, Mon-Wed,   9-1.

Every day I am feeling stronger.  I am on my 4th IV treatment and have had one iron shot.  I will receive another one today..

I am so grateful for the Prayer Intercessors from Grace for their continued prayers and support for me.  I appreciate each one of those ladies so much.  Their dedication to prayer is awesome and a great example.  In the past we have been taken to a restaurant and also we had them over for a Christmas lunch, which they really enjoyed.  Even though we don’t go to Grace I would still like them to come over this fall for lunch.  Their group probably is the one group that goes unnoticed the most and yet they are incredibly dedicated to praying for the church and other concerns.

6-13-09, Sat.

We received $ from Helping Hands today.  Thank you, Jesus.  This past week Jeff Edris (neighbor) came to help move sofa’s and he gave us a check for $. Judy and Jack Simon sent $.  Kurt Balok and Juno went out for breakfast last week to brain storm for fundraisers.  The result: a garage sale and a dessert/concert with Marsh Hall.  Things are moving forward with those 2 thoughts.  God’s provisions are always there.

Thoughts for a concert:

– tell story of 1st day of high school, show pictures of McKenzie’s 1st day of school of each grade, sing How Great Thou Art

– end w/verse “new mercies every morning” and sing Great Is Thy Faithfulness

– what I would say: verse, power of prayer, prayer intercessors, seeing God’s glory

– close w/blessing Num. 6:24-26

– songs: Standing on Holy Ground

– a verse that God will use every circumstance for His glory


Was in hospital for more blood and was dehydrated.  Sat night didn’t feel good, fainted upstairs & Juno called EMT’s.  They started IV and gave me med for nausea, ambulance took me to hospital.  Blood count was at 8.  Came home on Tues.  Feel bad for McKenzie because it’s scary for her.  One nurse was giving an injection in my stomach and said, “Oh, I just need some belly fat – oh, there’s some!”  Great, glad it’s good for something.  Some of the doctors were giving me a hard time about alternative medicine.  On Monday my nurse’s name was Lorraine.  She had been busy all day and at the end of her shift she told me that she sees a naturopathic doctor and as she was talking another nurse came in so she stopped telling her story.  When she walked out she looked at me with a big smile and said, “Have a good life.”  That was encouraging and I feel like God gave that specific nurse for that day.

Wow, the response to help with the garage sale and concert has been overwhelming.  So many people are willing to help in so many ways.  For instance, Susan Turner’s daughter is into marketing so she will publicize the concert and Susan has done silent auctions.

We received Ken and Carol’s sofa and it looks great!  Our friend Matt helped to pick it up and get it here.


It’s been a lot!!  I have been in the hospital twice with loss of blood.  This past week-end went in on Sunday afternoon and came home Tues.  I hate it!  All the different doctors asking so many questions and having to repeat the same story.  This morning had a blood draw at Dr. Obenchain’s office.  If I get low on blood I will get it at her office and then I won’t have to go into the hospital.  Lord, please stop this bleeding.  Please help me to get stronger, please.

Premier Designs called and prayed with me.

Some friends from MI are giving their old vehicle to Charity Motors and 70% of sale will go to Helping Hands in my name.

Other folks have said they are sending money and Carol and Jill paying to have the house cleaned!  That is so helpful and such a relief.

We have had dinner provided 2-3 times a week, which has been really helpful.  So many blessings.

On Tuesday I left the hospital at 11 am and went to Dr. Huber for IV at 1pm.  I still had on my pajamas, hair was a wreck, and no make-up.  I didn’t even care.  Felt better after IV.

Lord, please make me stronger so that I can go shopping with McKenzie and out for lunch.  I am trusting you that you are working in her heart to trust you and have faith in you. I have to continue to write in that book, having a dialogue with McKenzie.  Juno has been so helpful – he did the laundry this morning, which is so helpful.  Carol Travilla’s visits to the hospital – rubbing lotion into my feet and hands, her phone calls really help, especially with no family here.

Lord, I love you and thank you for a second chance and for healing me.  Thank you for leading me to Dr. Huber’s office. Richard Gotthardts office is on lower level.  Kelli will take me home today.


Since I have written I have received a total of 20 units of blood and it has not gone well with the liver.  My eyes have been yellow,  I’ve had 4.7 liters of fluid removed from my abdomen, and the liver blood count is high.  I have just been so weak.  I would maybe feel better if I was stronger.  Last night my left knee went out of joint again.  I think I have it back in place but it is painful – using one crutch.  Adair will come over and look at it.

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