World Without Cancer

Links – A GREAT resource for reduced rates on many supplements.  LOW cost shipping. – Naturopathic Medical Doctors of Arizona, LLC.  Bonnie’s Naturopathic doctor. 

Save on Prescriptions –
The new “Go Green” and “Organic” movement bring up questions like “is it really worth it?” Here are a couple links to sites which will offer suggestions as to when it is worth it to spend the extra money on organic food. You can visit The Dirty Dozen: To 12 Foods to Eat Organic and 10 Foods You Don’t have to Buy Organic.

The “Heartbeat” of HealthQuarters is to help God’s people be healthy, both physically and spiritually, in order that they may more effectively serve Jesus Christ in His world. Visit them online at HealthQuarters.

For more information on the Alkalizer Water Machine visit Alkalizer online.


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