Medical History

March 1997-March 2002

1) Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary was diagnosed in March 1997.   Bonnie underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy for endometriosis. In April 1997, An exploratory laparotomy and staging procedure was performed followed by six cycles of chemotherapy (Carboplatin and Taxol).

2) December 1998, metastasis in the liver (cancer returns to the liver) and subsequently underwent a right hepatic lobotomy. At that time 2/3 of the liver was removed followed by six cycles of chemotherapy (Topotecan).

3) January 2001, I underwent an ultrasound guided biopsy of a portoheptic mass that was positive for adenocarcinoma. The area was 5x6cm. It was then suggested that Bonnie undergo chemotherapy using carbolated and taxol, but she elected instead to pursue alternative therapies including multiple herbal supplements and anionic surfactant.

June 2007

Cat scans remain the only reliable test to indicate the presence of cancer.  While some protocols suggest testing every quarter or bi-annually, Bonnie has yearly cat scans.  A term none of the family enjoys hears is that of ‘we’ve noticed a spot’.  Through the years the spots ‘come and go’ and none of them are in the same area increasing in size, therefore we’ve currently decided not to have more invasive exams.

Considerable amounts of supplements continue to be taken several times a day along with reducing stress and living a healthier live style all contribute to no return of cancer.

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