World Without Cancer

From the book A World Without Cancer

Today, there are more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the riddle were to be solved by a simple vitamin, this gigantic commercial and political industry could be wiped out overnight. The result is that the science of cancer therapy is not nearly as complicated as the politics of cancer therapy. Pg 22

The incentive for clinical investigators to fabricate data is enormous. American drug companies pay as much as $1,000 per patient, which enables some doctors to collect over $1 million per year from drug research- all the easier if the treatments are imaginary. Even if the tests are not fabricated, there is still the effect of subconscious bias. These doctors know that, if they don’t produce the results the drug companies are seeking, the likelihood of their receiving future work is greatly diminished. Pg 25

Disease is caused: parasites, bacteria, virus, poisons, yeast

Scientists have spent billions of dollars searching for a prevention of these cripplers and killers, but they are no closer to the answers today than they were when they started; perhaps the reason is that they are still looking for that something which causes these diseases instead on the lack of something. Pg 57

The substance of that prediction is the amygdalin cannot be patented because it is found in nature. Big money can be made only with patented drugs. Therefore, the cancer industry will never be interested in amygdalin, no matter how effective it may be. Instead, they will seek to create a man made chemical to imitate the mechanism by which it works. Pg 51

If more cancer researchers would think in terms of foods and vitamins rather than bacteria and viruses, it wouldn’t take them long to see why the cancer rate in America is steadily climbing…..they scoff at proper diet. Yet, many of these same people are fastidious about what they feed their pedigreed dogs and/or their cattle and horses. Dr George M Briggs, a member of the Research Advisory Committee of the Nat’l Livestock and Meat Board, has said: “The typical American diet is a national disaster…If I fed it to pigs or cows, without adding vitamins and other supplements, I could wipe out the livestock industry.” Pg 59

A brief look at the American diet tells the story. Grocery shelves are now lined with high carbohydrate foods that have been processed refined, synthesized, artificially flavored, and loaded with chemical preservatives. Some manufacturers, aiming their advertisements at the diet-conscious consumer, even boast of how little real food there is in their product. Pg 59

Everyone knows that modern processing removes many of the original vitamins from our foods, but we are told not to worry about it, because they have been put back before sending to the market. And so we see the word “enriched” printed cheerfully across our bread, milk and other foods. But make no mistake about it, these are not the same as the original. Pg 59

June 2001

•Finish God’s Herbs

•IV treatment of AST and Plaquex
•Digestive Enzyme

•Coffee enema’s: one time every other day (it was 1-2 per day)

•Beta-Carrotene: take 50,000 per day (was taking 100,000 per day)

•Beta Shield: take one tablet per day (was taking 3 tabs per day)

•Carrot Juice: 2 8oz glasses of juice with 1 ½ tbsp of barley green per glass (had been drinking 3 glasses) keep taking the same amount of barley green

•NKStim: six caps daily (was taking nine caps daily)

•Penta Water: one bottle per day (I had mentioned to the dr that sometimes I had a hard time drinking all the water in a day. This water hydrates rapidly)

•Alpha Base: 2 caps am, 2 caps noon, 2 caps pm

•Moducare: (after decreasing the Beta Shield) one cap 3 times per day

•Newton: #1-Six drops 2 times daily, #9-six drops in the am, #29-six drops 3 times per day.  All of the drops being placed under the tongue or on top of the tongue (absorbs into the blood stream quickly)

•C-Statin: three caps am, 3 caps noon, 3 caps pm (Dr Streeter recommended the none caps for one month then 3 caps 3 times per day). I took the none caps per day for four months.

Rife Machine (wellness energy machine) #194 every 3 days For information read the book: The Cancer Cure That Worked written by Barry Lynes

We are grateful that the Lord has used a combination of treatments to bring about healing.  Prayer is the foundation of all the treatment.  Also, considerable amounts of supplements continue to be taken several times a day along with reducing stress and living a healthier live style when it comes to exercise and food choices and setting realistic expectations and boundaries that create a more balanced life all contribute to no return of cancer.

January 2001

Dr Streeter from Elkhart IN suggested I start with this on January 24, 2001.

AST (anionic surfactant therapy). An IV treatmentadministered three times per week. Each IV contained 4cc of magnesium, vitamin B’s 5 & 6, 2cc of palavering, vitamin C, Edta and HCL

Wobenenzyme: 3 tabs am, 2 tabs noon, 3 tabs pm

Absorb Aid: ½-1 tsp 3 times a day (for indigestion)

Gods Herbs (a detox kit) 2 times a day

NK Stim: 3 caps am, 3 caps noon, 3 caps pm

CoQ10 100mg: 1 tab 3 times per day

Vitamin E 400mg: 1 cap 3 times per day

Silymarin 2x-300mg (milk thistle extract): 2 tabs am, 1 tab noon, 2 tabs pm

Blood type A diet with an alkaline diet (reference the book: Eating Right 4 Your Type by Dr Peter J D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney. The website is

2 ½ quarts of water (used alkaline water via the alkalizer water machine). Dr Streeter was very supportive drinking this water

3 (8oz) glasses of carrot juice with 1 tbsp of Barley Green each glass of juice

Beta Carrotine 100,000 units daily

Coffee enemas: 1-2 times per day (1c organic coffee and 1c water)

10,000 gauge magnet: 12 hours on and 12 hours off (the dr suggested this I bought the magnet but I never did this)

Beta Shield 500mg 1 tab 3 times a day

Vitamin C 1000mg: 2 tabs am and 2 tabs pm

Stop the Premarin (a chemical base hormone) and
start: Progesterone 200mg/cc, Esteriol 5mg/cc, Testosterone 2.5mg (made up into a cream and take 1-1 1/2cc twice a day. This was all a compound made up at the Portage Pharmacy. All natural ingredients with the base from Soy. The Premarin is known to increase the risk of cancer. Had been taking this since the hysterectomy four years ago.

MSM: 2 tabs am and 2 tabs pm

O2 drops