June 17, 2009

We brought Bonnie home on Tuesday afternoon. 

  • They gave her a total of six units of blood while she was there
  • Her count was at 10 when we left the hospital
  • She’ll have her blood checked weekly and if necessary she can receive blood and iron right at the Oncologist office
  • She’ll start her IV’s again on Thursday
  • She is able to get around slowly (which is a whole lot better then on Saturday night)

Thank you for those who are:

  • praying
  • providing meals
  • supporting financially
  • sending Bonnie notes of encouragement
  • respecting our decision to use both Alternative  & Traditional approaches to healing
  • volunteering to help with fund raisers

Pray for:

  • bleeding to stop
  • that Bonnie will be able to attend our Leadership Team Retreat this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • strength
  • wisdom and discernment as we deal with decisions (sometimes daily) concerning treatment and illness
  • appropriate assertiveness (when it comes to dealing with hospitals and doctors)

We have a few more specifics for fund raisers (see below).  Again more details and ideas are coming in, so click below to email Kurt as he is the idea man :).


Fund Raising Projects, June 14th

GARAGE SALE:  July 24 & 25th
A group of friends plan on a huge garage sale.  We’ll need help setting up, sorting, lots of stuff to sell, people to be there during the sale, etc.  A poster, drop off times, and drop off sites will soon be available.

BENEFIT CONCERT:  Sunday, Sept. 13th PM

If you would like to help with either of the fund raisers email Kurt, mail2kurt@cox.net.

June 14, 2009

June 14, 2009

Bonnie has completed six IV treatments, so that means we are down to 97 treatments left!  It’s great to be in doubt digits  – just like the temperature in AZ :).  The treatments are going very well.  The ‘itching’ is basically gone (YEA).  A week ago Sunday was the first Sunday since Easter that Bonnie made it to church. We are thankful.  We’ll continue with the IV’s on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sat.  So that means were down to 97 treatments left!  It’s great to be in doubt digits  – just like the temperature in AZ :)

Despite all the good news this weekend took a surprising turn of events.  Last night Bonnie started to feeling increasingly weak, dizzy and nauseous (often a sign of dehydration or Juno’s cooking).   She was only able to take a few steps, so after some dialog on what to do, we decided to call the fire department and after they arrived and further consultation they called an ambulance to transport Bonnie to the hospital.

Bonnie’s blood count had dropped to 8.0 so she was given 2 units of blood on Sat night and is currently receiving another two this evening (Sunday June 14th).  She is able to walk around and is starting to feel a lot better (I guess that’s what 4 units of blood and several IV’s of fluid will do to you).

Some friends are working on a couple of fund raisers to help with expenses.  One being a huge garage sale and the other a benefit concert.  Email Kurt at, mail2kurt@cox.net to inquire or check out joining one of the teams.  A lot of help with be needed.

This verse has been on my mind the last couple of days…
“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made know to God, and the peace of god which surpasses all understanding shall guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness which is most evident in your love, prayers and support.


Juno, Bonnie and McKenzie

May & June 2009

June 2, 2009

Bonnie had her first IV yesterday and it went very well.  Her blood work came back from Monday and she is at 11.  Which is also GREAT news.  That means since her release from the hospital 10 days ago her ‘numbers’ have gone verses down – we are grateful for this.  While the ‘itching’ has not gone completely away, it is much much better.

For the most part it appears we’ll (she) will have the IV’s on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sat.  So that means were down to 102 treatments left!  No doubt 8 months is a long time.  We’ll get into a routine and before you know if we’ll be having one major party in the new year – we may have to move the Super Bowl to another weekend.

We are grateful for God’s faithfulness which is most evident in your love, prayers, and support.

May 2009

Until three months ago (February 2009), Bonnie (50) was doing incredibly well (a three time ovarian cancer survivor) health wise. She was feeling great, and for the past two years she was walking 45 minutes a day.

This past February 13, Bonnie had a severe allergic reaction to a very common antibiotic (z-pack).  She was very fatigued, unable to sleep, restless, and lots of itching, and evidently having some internal bleeding.  Mid May Bonnie saw her allergist in hopes of finding something she was allergic to. Hence, her allergist ordered some blood work in hopes of identifying the itching.

On May 16th at 7:30 AM we received a call indicating that her hemoglobin was 4.9, and we were instructed to take her into ER ASAP.  They admitted her, gave her 7 units of blood throughout the week and ran numerous tests.  They installed a stint for the bile duct. While being cancer free for over 8 years (the last 8 years using alternative medicine), a cat scan revealed that the cancer had returned.  Bonnie returned home from the hospital on Saturday, May 23rd.

The ‘mass’ that we have been watching for several years, behind her liver, is the spot where she is losing blood.  To remove it surgically, is too ‘invasive’ (so two specialists tell us).  There is also some cancer on her small intestine. After investigating several doctors we have decided to stick with alternative medicine since that had worked for Bonnie for so many years.  This time the protocol will consist of Bonnie receiving three IV’s each week and additional supplements for approximately eight months.

The question most everyone is asking is what’s the cost of this treatment? We anticipate the cost will range between $2,400 and $3,000 (maybe more depending on supplements) per month. While chemo would have been covered by our health insurance carrier we feel sticking with what has worked in the past is in the best interest of Bonnie.

We are grateful the doctor’s office is less than 20 minutes from the house.  Each IV will take up to 2 hours to administer.  Her doctor is also evaluating Bonnie’s current regimen of supplements and will be providing overall care and direction on what supplements to continue, change, or stop while she is doing the IVs. The doctor was very pleased to see what Bonnie had been doing and very pleased to see how well Bonnie’s general health was.

As many of you know, we still have significant debt from what she is currently doing (most of the interest free charge cards are now interest bearing).  While the naturopathic approach (Alternative medicine) has not been covered by insurance we do not regret our decision nine years ago to partner with both traditional and alternative approached to healing. We are currently investigating some creative financial options concerning our home with hopes of either reducing current medical debt or paying for her new treatments.

Be in prayer for wisdom, healing, hope and provision’s as we move forward.

For details on how to donate to assist with the health care for Bonnie click here.