Nov 3/4 from McKenzie’s viewpoint

Well yesterday was a really long sad day for me…during my second hour i got called to the office..i was kinda nervous about what cuz i couldn’t think of anything i had done that was bad so the whole way down to the office i was making sure i was in dress code trying to remember if i had cheated on anything and got caught or anything like that (not that i would cheat :) ). well i was walking down and noticed my dads car was here automatically i knew something was up with my mom so i started praying like crazy “please God let everything be ok with her”. I walked into the office and noticed my dad crying.  I automaticaly just broke down I expected the worst. my dad reassured me that she was still alive and that she was just not doing very good.  I was still really upset the office called down my boyfriend and then a few of the staff prayed with us all.  Then we left to see mom…

It was really sad all day being with her but she recognized me right when i walked in which was good i held her hand and talked a little to her.

Later in the evening Tyler my boyfriend came to visit and we talked where for the first time i saw him cry which really broke my heart! but I’m glad to know he cares so much. ( a lot of people have been so nice and caring to us)

At night time me and my best friend Katherine were going to spend the night and so Katherine’s mom and brother came over to bring us food.

Ryan, Katherines younger brother, came in and got real close to my mom and said hi to her where for the first time that whole day my mom opened her eyes wide and smiled big and said “I love you Ryan it will all be ok” that was sooo sweet! Ryan really took that to heart i could tell. he told her he loved her as well.

She later lifted her fragile little arm up and held my face with her hand..i could have cried easily but i was so out of tears from the morning and afternoon.

The night was good no problems at all…just really uncomfortable beds and loud nurses.

Today she hasn’t said a word and continues to sleep.

Lots of friends have been here to comfort me and my mom which is always nice,

Well I’ll continue to write thank you for all the support :)

love: McKenzie

a special thanks to:

Susan Turner: thank you so much for being there for me and letting me drive your car :) your the best!

Jill Balok: thanks for taking care of me and treating me like a daughter.

Katherine Balok: thanks for staying with me all day long! and keeping my mind of things your the best friend I could ever ask for

I love you all!

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