June 17, 2009

We brought Bonnie home on Tuesday afternoon. 

  • They gave her a total of six units of blood while she was there
  • Her count was at 10 when we left the hospital
  • She’ll have her blood checked weekly and if necessary she can receive blood and iron right at the Oncologist office
  • She’ll start her IV’s again on Thursday
  • She is able to get around slowly (which is a whole lot better then on Saturday night)

Thank you for those who are:

  • praying
  • providing meals
  • supporting financially
  • sending Bonnie notes of encouragement
  • respecting our decision to use both Alternative  & Traditional approaches to healing
  • volunteering to help with fund raisers

Pray for:

  • bleeding to stop
  • that Bonnie will be able to attend our Leadership Team Retreat this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • strength
  • wisdom and discernment as we deal with decisions (sometimes daily) concerning treatment and illness
  • appropriate assertiveness (when it comes to dealing with hospitals and doctors)

We have a few more specifics for fund raisers (see below).  Again more details and ideas are coming in, so click below to email Kurt as he is the idea man :).


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