August 18, 2009

On Sunday, Bonnie had good energy.  She cooked dinner again (well I did turn on the grill among a few other things) :) Really it was a good day!  Both her and McKenzie desperately miss being in worship and being present with our friends on Sundays.

This week Bonnie will again have three IV treatments, make a visit her oncologist, and see another doctor on Wednesday (2:30) to have the temporary stint replaced in the bile duct (that was originally installed back in mid-May).  A couple of the main symptoms has returned which is that of itching and restlessness in the evening.

Last week Bonnie’s knee popped out (she had surgery on this knees about 5 years ago) and almost back in.  After a couple of days and lots of ice and some weird movements with the knee it finally reset itself.  Needless to say it was a much slower and painful week.

Bonnie’s mom, sister and good friend will be in town for the Benefit Concert and will be able to attend one of McKenzie’s swim meets (it appears she’ll once again be swimming the 500 – better her than me).

McKenzie begins her second week of school and in two weeks her swim meets begin.  Pray as we adjust schedules one more time and that Bonnie has the strength to make it to the swim meets.  And of course that McKenzie does her best!  And maybe that I’m not one of those obnoxious parents cheering their child to victory (that may be a prayer God says no to).

I (Juno) started to run again each morning.  It’s been a three month reprieve and unfortunately, they haven’t come up with a miracle pill yet to lose weight)…plus the running it good for my soul (not the souls on my shoes, my inner spirit).

Your prayers, support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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