SEPT 30, 2009


Here’s a quick update in order of dates…
September 11 – Bonnie had two more units of blood.
Sept 13–  WOW, what an incredible evening of Hope & Encouragement.  People were thrilled to be a part of this ‘concert with a purpose.’  Great turn out, wonderful spirt among everyone, generous hearts.  We felt honored and blessed.  Bonnie and McKenzie did a great job sharing with the people.  I’ve been trying to get some clips loaded so I could email them, but I have not been successful.  – thanks for your patience.
Sept 14 – a good two weeks for Bonnie
Sept 17 – 19 Juno flies to Michigan to visit Dad.  Dad is also in a fight with cancer.  Thankful Bonnie’s mom is here to help while Juno is gone.
Sept 18 – Bonnie has MRI
Sept 24 – Bonnie, Grandma, and Juno attend McKenzie’s swim meet
Sept 25 – Bonnie receives another two units of blood- McKenzie turns 16 celebrate McKenzie :).
Sept 26 –  The party continues :).
Sept 30 – MRI appears to provide some answers concerning the bleeding.  Appointment made for specialist.  Hour later –  blood count returns low and Bonnie’s beginning to show more signs of fatigue.  After numerous phone calls with several doctors Juno takes Bonnie to ER in Scottsdale Shay Hospital for two more units of blood.  The specialists we were supposed to see next week was working at the hospital and will see her for the consult first thing on Wednesday AM.
Bonnie was transfused two more units of blood.  Her Hemoglobin was at 7.3 and is now 9.7.  We met w/surgeon at 1:00 PM.  He needs to narrow down the reasons the veins ‘are loosing blood’.  He will call in a couple more specialist to provide insight.  A cat scan was among the first of many tests/x rays.  She is feeling much better.
Oct 1 – 4 – Juno and McKenzie are scheduled to fly into Detroit to visit Dad and Papa.  On Sept 30th, Hospice was called in to assist in managing care for Juno’s Dad (aka Papa to McKenzie).

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