NOVEMBER 2, 2009

Nov. 2, 10:00 PM.

This has nothing to do with Bonnie, but I think I just found a new song to play on Mother’s Day in church.  Click here (Thanks Patty – former WMU colleague).  On second thought maybe it should be performed on Father’s Day?  Guys its sort of common sense….

I must share that it’s an absolutely beautiful night here in AZ.  It’s extremely comfortable as I sit outside and reflect on the day.  I was side tracked for a moment as I caught another scorpion (those black lights are wonderful).  McKenzie was in bed by 9:30 – the field trip in the caves must have worn her out.

So I digressed….sorry, Anyway, as many of you know, dealing with the ups and downs of roller coasters are more fun at Cedar Point or Disney Land (although we prefer Disney World), verses dealing with the health of a loved one.  Here are today’s highlights….


Monday – November 2nd
Bonnie has slept most of the day – again!  Her sleeping is a lot more restless than I’ve seen before (maybe she just misses me by her :).  She’s been drinking a lot these days (not alcohol – water and juices).   Today her confusion has increased and alertness had diminished a little more (I think I can talk her into a new TV now).  She’s rather weak and almost missed the bed after just taking one step.   It was obvious from the weekend and today that Bonnie won’t be returning to our home in the near future.  Her level for the need of care has increased over the past 48 hours. I’m thankful to our friend Nancy (a retired Hospice nurse) who has volunteered to spend the night with Bonnie if needed.  She provides loving care with dignity and gentleness – no doubt a gift to Bonnie and our family.Tonight they started using a feeding tube to see if that will provide some nutrition for Bonnie.   This afternoon, I discovered they were still giving her some narcotics for pain (even though she rarely has any…).  They will now call me before the administer any pain meds beyond Tylenol.  This could have added to her confusion.  I’m fully aware that realistically the disease could be creating more difficulties.

Please focus your prayers for continued wisdom and discernment in the process so that we figure out if the confusion and weakness are from the medication, lack of food, or the disease (probably a little of everything and if you noticed I’ve again made no reference to the color of her hair).  Having an accurate assessment of her condition will help us as we move forward in providing care the best care for Bonnie.

On my run this morning,  two songs kept coming to mind.  Click here for the one that was Bonnie’s favorite, and click here for another song that speaks to the imagery of God lifting us up on Eagles Wings…

Juno, Bonnie and McKenzie

Meals: For those who would like to sign up for meals  – click here. Numerous people have asked if a gift certificate to a restaurant would be appropriate instead of a meal.  We just want to let you know that would also be helpful and kind (especially since we’ve been on the run more).

Cleaning: Mom is doing a great job helping keep things clean and orderly!  She is also spending more time at Hospice so we could use some help once in a while.

Flights: While I don’t feel I need to be the one to arrange flights for family and friends I do know that as we approach the holidays flights will become considerably more expensive and stand by tickets more difficult to use.  That being said, if anyone has any frequent flier miles about to expire that you don’t mind letting someone use let me know (I’ll find someone to run point on this for me :).

The message from this past week, I Will Rise, is now on on web site.  Click  here to listen to it.


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